Canine behavioural medicine
When treating dogs with behavioural issues Clare believes it is important to take a holistic approach examining all aspects of the dog's life and environment.
Many of the dogs Clare sees have underlying medical conditions complicating their behavioural diagnosis and treatment.  In such cases, she liaises with the referring veterinary surgeon to ensure consistency and continuity of care.  Clare sees a wide variety of behavioural presentations in dogs but most commonly sees dogs presenting with fear/anxiety which is most frequently manifested as avoidance or aggressive behaviour.  
Despite portrayals in the media, in reality there are very rarely quick fixes. A successful relationship between a behavioural consultant and their client requires hard work and communication on both parts.
If your dog has behavioural issues you should ask your vet to refer you to a local appropriately qualified and experienced behaviourist (please see the ASAB CCAB register or the ABTC CAB register). If you are within around 40 minutes drive from Rugby you can ask them to refer you to me.  If you specifically require a veterinary behaviourist Clare does travel further afield for such cases.