If you have an animal with behavioural issues, and live within around 40 minutes drive of Rugby, Clare may be able to help.  All cases are seen by veterinary referral.  To setup a consultation you should:
•    Visit your own vet to discuss the problems you are experiencing and they should be able to give you a general idea of Clare's current fees.  If you have pet insurance, many companies do cover behaviour problems so this is worth checking.   

•    Your own vet should aim to rule out underlying medical issues and this may occasionally involve further investigations such as blood tests, radiography etc. If they are unsure I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with them. 

•    Once you and your vet have decided to make a referral, please ask your vet to contact Clare by email with a summary of the problems, your contact details (including an email address) and a full clinical history for your pet.  They can contact me via email me at
As I work alone and am therefore usually either busy with clients or looking after my children, email is by far the easiest and quickest way to get hold of me. If you are able to supply your referring vet with an email address this would be extremely helpful. Once I have received information on your  case from your referring vet I shall contact you regarding the booking of an appointment or to discuss any queries you may have.