Feline behavioural medicine
As with dogs, it is vital to take a holistic approach withe feline behavioural problems.
With cats the environment is absolutely crucial to their well-being and emotional state and very often the treatment involves adapting the environment. Feline cases are therefore always seen as home visits so that Clare can accurately diagnose and treat the issues.
The commonest problems that i see in cats are inappropriate toileting or marking behaviour or issues between cats within the same household.
If your cat has behavioural issues you should your vet to refer you to a local appropriately qualified and experienced behaviourist (please see the ASAB CCAB register or the ABTC CAB register).  If you are within around 40 minutes drive from Rugby you can ask them to refer you by email to Clare at behaviourvet@googlemail.com.  If you specifically require a veterinary behaviourist Clare does travel further afield for such cases.